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JiuJiang AuTai Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd is In China, we are one of the professional manufacturers of researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing, High quality many styles of PTFE in Sheet, Rods, Gaskets, Cylinders & Tube. AuTai has been found and conformed according to ISO 9001, Rosh6, FDA, MSDS and SGS. As a professional manufacturer and supplier, we can offer you a widely range of PTFE Plastic material and product, swift computerized quotation, ample finished goods inventory, and efficient customer service.

Note: We have move the new factory, Covers an area of 144308.15 ft² in 2014-1-1

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ptfe rod ptfe sheet ptfe sheets
PTFE Rod PTFE Sheet PTFE Sheets
ptfe gasket ptfe hose  ptfe tubing
PTFE Gasket PTFE Hose PTFE Tubing

PTFE Sheet, Rods, Gaskets, Cylinders & Tube

PTFE Sheet, PTFE Rods, PTFE Gasket, PTFE Cylinders and PTFE Tube is resistant to practically every chemical known to man and has a surface as slippery as ice on ice to which no substance will adhere. PTFE will operate continuously at 260°C in harsh conditions for long periods. It will not degrade when exposed to long term sunlight.

Alloys and Fillers – As the need for more demanding uses emerge, PTFE can be customised by the addition of fillers to create PTFE compounds with enhanced physical properties to suit particular mechanical applications outside the scope of virgin PTFE.

Advantages of Virgin PTFE material:

•Unaffected by almost all chemicals
•Continuous use at high temperatures
•Slippery non-stick surface
•Outstanding dielectric properties

Advantages of PTFE compounds:

•Improved resistance to cold flow or creep
•Reduction in Wear and Friction
•Improved dimensional stability
•Increased stiffness and surface hardness

Properties of PTFE Sheet, Rod, Gasket, Cylinders and Tube:

•Excellent chemical resistance
•Lowest co-efficient of friction
•Highest operating temperature and stability
•Physiologically inert
•Excellent electrical properties

Applications of PTFE Products:

•PTFE Seals
•PTFE Packing
•PTFE Chevrons
•PTFE Piston rings, glide rings, lantern rings and back up rings
•PTFE Slide bearings
•PTFE Electrical and thermal insulators

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